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Laurent | I'm Done

After a hiatus from music, Laurent made his return in June 2020 with 'Paradise', now he has returned with single 'I'm Done'.


'I'm Done' features bright electro-pop production with a catchy and quirky melody running throughout. The track is a bold and dynamic pop song, with contemporary R&B tendancies. It's a slick and confident offering from Laurent, who uses his raw and honest lyricism to vent his frustrations with his rich, smooth vocal tone and punchy, foot-stomping chorus. Another quality offering.

He says on the meaning behind the track,

“This song was written quite exactly 2 years ago, when I was in Sweden with Mazen Awad. We discussed my life situation at that time. Before I ́m Done; I had long tried to force myself to go back to a "normal" job, but at that time struggled with it because I was too hung up on everyone else's opinions. I was simply too proud and terrified to lose my “place” and afraid that people would have a different impression of me than "artist". It all started with my first day at work as a bartender in Bergen. The nightclub was in full swing and I was thrown into the bar. The first guest I was to serve was someone who recognized me from my previous music career. His first comment was "It went damn fast from a stage to a bar!" This was what inspired me to write 'I'm Done'. It feels very wrong to stand in a bar or sit in an office and promote other artists for a nightclub when you yourself are an artist, rather than working on your own artist career. I have an extremely bad conscience and I immediately feel a nasty kind of fomo (fear of missing out) feeling.”

Laurent has now signed a new management agreement with Made Management and self-releasing the tracks via his own record label L.V.K.


Listen to 'I'm Done' HERE Instagram: @laurentkelmendi


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