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Lawson I Four Letters

Lawson have released their brand new single 'Four Letters,' which is the fourth single to be released following their extended hiatus and follows on from 'Lovers,' 'Animals' and 'She Don't Even Know.'

'Four Letters' is a track which shows off Lawson at their best - infectiously catchy hooks, a chorus that will be ringing in your head for days on end and exceptional vocals. Quite simply, the emotional lyrics depict the feeling of wanting to be in a relationship with someone, but there's something that's holding the person back.

"If I had five more words, I'd say 'I wish you were mine;'

But it's these four letters that hold me back every time.

It might take three more drinks, I'll tell you what's on my mind;

But if I'm too late, my heart breaks for this one thing - you and I."

With each release over the past couple of months, Lawson - made up of members Adam Pitts (drummer), Andy Brown (vocalist), Joel Peat (guitarist) and Ryan Fletcher (bassist) - have cemented their respected place in the music industry again. Prior to their hiatus, the band released singles included 'Standing In The Dark,' 'Learn To Love Again' and 'Juliet,' accompanied with two studio albums.

Lawson began their hiatus in 2017, with member Andy Brown explaining at that time that it wasn't the end of the band. True to his word, the band are well and truly back, quite possibly stronger than ever.

Additionally, Lawson are hosting 'Lawson - The Live Experience' on Sunday 6 September 2020, which will see them performing a host of tracks, from classic Lawson hits to their new songs, along with a question and answer session with the band. You can find out more information on the virtual stream here.

'Four Letters' is out now. The single can be purchased from iTunes by clicking here. Additionally, the single can be streamed from Spotify here.

By Rachel Dempster


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