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Lawson | Lovers

Following a four-year hiatus, Lawson – made up of members Adam Pitts (drummer), Andy Brown (vocalist), Joel Peat (guitarist) and Ryan Fletcher (bassist) – have made their triumphant return to the music industry, with the release of their new single ‘Lovers.’


Dubbed ‘one of the best breakout bands of 2012,’ Lawson went on to achieve immense success during their time together before their hiatus, with the release of singles including ‘Standing In The Dark,’ ‘Taking Over Me,’ and ‘Juliet,’ along with two albums.

To a certain extent, ‘Lovers’ almost picks up where the band left off several years ago. The tracks begins with a relatively stripped-back nature, with the particular focus being on member Andy Brown’s captivating vocals, which continue to be exemplified as the track progresses. Telling a beautiful story of a young romance, ‘Lovers’ continues to build throughout, and is very instrument-driven, which alsohighlights the band’s talent as exceptional musicians. Just like all of Lawson’s prior releases, the track is infectiously catchy!

You can check out the official music video for ‘Lovers’ below.

Speaking about the single in a recent interview, vocalist Andy Brown explained:

“The song is about how you feel when you’re young and in love. There’s no better feeling in the world than that. It’s a feel-good song that our fans will love, but hopefully people who haven’t listened to our music before will love it too! It felt great to be back with the lads again. It gave us all a new energy to create what we think is our best stuff.”

‘Lovers’ is out now.



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