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Le Cheval | Felt Cute

Always taking the opportunity to poke a little fun, UK based DJ and producer Le Cheval mocks ‘influencer’ culture and all its trappings in his new single ‘Felt Cute’.


In recent times ‘influencers’ have become a centrepiece around social media and modern-day culture; a new mighty force for endorsement, helping a celebrity build a brand and fuel consumerism. Exhibiting great power to affect their followers by detailing and sharing their beauty regimes, purchases, recipes, exercise plans, fashion choices or whatever field they have become famed for, alongside an image of near perfect and unblemished lives. 

Primed for radio, 'Felt Cute' is a lively, melodic and extremely catchy song with a dance pop beat and electro and synth strong bassline. The vocal is fresh and contemporary, it's cute, it's fun and we can't stop singing it! The track very much reflects his now signature sound.

With vocal lines about skinny tea, discount codes and of course an influencer meme caption favourite, ‘felt cute, might delete later’, he brings about a little light heartedness, at a time when things have seemed a more than challenging and unprecedented.

With a hilarious and fun video in the pipeline featuring real life influencer Victoria Niamh, who on her channels promotes real beauty against unrealistic standards prompted by online culture. The video is directed by highly regarded emerging film artist, Alice Kunisue who has previously shot for artists such as Vladimir Cauchemar with Aulos and has generated over 13 million views on single pieces. 

Having had previous success with his most recent production ‘Fandango’ which had impressive streaming numbers as well as received strong support across BBC Radio 1’s Party Anthems and Dance Anthems, Le Cheval now brings a relatable feeling and observation that most would agree with.

The single is sure to be well received by influencers and followers alike, and helping make sure that the social world isn’t taken too seriously. 


Listen to 'Felt Cute' HERE Instagram: @lechevalparty


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