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Leaf | Is It You

New York native rapper Leaf has dropped her next single and accompanying video from her upcoming project 'Is It You'.


'Is It You' is about owning your sexuality. Rapper Dave East makes a cameo in the video as Leaf's love interest at the end of the night where Leaf meets up with him after her girls night. The video was shot in the Bronx, the birth of hip hop and Leaf wears throwbacks of NY teams - Knicks, Nets, Yankees.  

When asked about the track Leaf had this to say:

“'Is It You' is a fun sexy anthem about finding the right bae. I believe in manifesting your best life so... since I’m looking for my dream bae I wanted to talk about it. He’ll listen to the song & slide in my DMs quarantine style since we’re all on lockdown. Now this summer anthem can have a different spin on it. It was really important for me to show my NYC roots in this video so now that everyone’s at home — it’s giving NYC summer nostalgia. I think everyone who’s single is feeling a lil lonely and in need of a dream bae right now. So this song should help ease the anxiety of fomo and help other people manifest their dream bae too".

Special mention is the fact that this was created by a team of women of color from the director to hair makeup and even styling.

"Showcasing and uplifting women of color has always been a strong part of my messaging from day one with my feminist girl gang MBM.”

Leaf isn’t afraid to show off her flashy side, flaunt designer looks, or serve a look when she’s walking down the runway, but she’s also paving her own lane as a rapper and a musician. Leaf’s forthcoming EP 'Fashion Bitch' an apt description of a part of her personality that’s fueled her creativity. 

Raised in New York City, Leaf, a self-proclaimed multihyphenate, not only models and raps, but is a true artist. Now 24, she has only built on what she started as a young phenom. Leaf has continued writing and producing her own music, directing and editing her own videos, and even designing her own MBM (Magnetic Bitch Movement) clothing line. 

Fueled by the artists that came before her like Janet Jackson, Aaliyah, Lil’ Kim and Foxy Brown, Leaf crafts an infectious blend of R&B and rap on her new EP. With their influence, Leaf wants to give listeners a perspective of what New York rap is like from a female standpoint, by creating a space for herself once again in the industry.

As she echoes the swagger and confidence her debut project delivered, she also lets her emotions fly free.


Listen to 'Is It You' HERE

Instagram: @leaf


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