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24-year old artist and songwriter from Pittsburgh, now based in LA, Lev has released his newest single 'JON BELLION', which is the third of four singles taken from his forthcoming debut EP 'A Year Underwater' coming this year.


'JON BELLION' features a funky and quirky instrumental with vocals to die for. With the most incredible range, Lev has the ability to capture his listeners with his groovy, creative and unique sound. This track will have you singing the lyrics for days after just one listen - it's attention grabbing with bright synths and a super catchy chorus.

Lev says on the track,

"Do you ever wake up in the morning and get flooded with imposter syndrome? You're not alone. 'JON BELLION' is a tribute to my favourite artist, sure. But more than that, it's the recognition that none of us really know what we're doing, not even him."

Lev's distinct sound combines fun, high energy arrangements with clever and emotional lyrics, a sound that's evident in 'JON BELLION', as well as previous singles 'Always the Rain' and 'When I Hurt You'. THE EP takes that outline and expands it through more soulful guitar-driven performances which creates a lively and organic take on modern pop that's reflective of his upbringing in singer / songwriter music.

'JON BELLION' is out now.

Listen HERE @levsongs


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