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Feature | Lexi Berg

Swedish-American singer and song-writer Lexi Berg has released her exceptional new single, 'Midnight Sun,' following on from previous releases, which include 'Into The Sea' and 'Helpless To Help You.'


She turns to her Nordic roots for inspiration for her new single, with the song being set in Sweden, whereby the summer nights provide the perfect landscape for love and enchantment. With a hint of acoustic pop and a contemporary production, her vocals truly shine throughout the track.

Speaking about her new single, Lexi Berg explained:

"The sun can be up all night during the Swedish summers. There is mystery and magic in that light. This song is about reconnecting with someone in your past on a Swedish summer night, in that dreamy haze of never-ending light. It's about one last, melancholy encounter."


Here at The Lowdown, we had the opportunity to speak with Lexi Berg about her new single, her musical influences and more. Keep reading to check out what she had to say!

You have recently released your brand new single, titled 'Midnight Sun.' What has it been like for you to have new music released?

"It's so exciting to finally share my music with people. Each song is a little piece of my heart."

For those who haven't listened to the single yet, can you sum it up in a couple of words?

"Dreamy and space-y vibes, with a sing-a-long chorus."

Has music always been something that you have wanted to pursue from a young age?

"I wrote my first little lullaby at six years old, so yes - it's always been a dream! I feel very lucky to be able to do what I love everyday!"

Who would you say are your musical influences?

"It's quite a mix, but mainly Fleetwood Mac, ABBA, Florence, Adele, The Beatles and Céline Dion."

You are set to perform at several major shows over the summer months. Are you looking forward to being able to perform live?

"YES! I'm excited and nervous. I haven't performed in front of people since February 2020! I'm a little worried I might be overwhelmed with emotion and have some kind of breakdown on stage, but hopefully it'll add to the vibe!"

Aside from your upcoming live performances, do you have anything else planned for the remainder of the year that you can tell us about?

"I'm releasing new music every month. Hopefully I'll get to go on tour, perform and share all of the magic that we have been creating in the studio."

Finally, do you have a message for all those who support you?

"Thank you so much for believing in me! I hope this music reaches the hearts of many more."

'Midnight Sun' is out now and is available to purchase and stream through all major responsible music purchasing and streaming outlets.

By Rachel Dempster


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