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Lexi Jayde | Bedroom Walls

LA's pop songstress and songwriter Lexi Jayde has released her latest single entitled 'Bedroom Walls'.

Boasting her talent for songwriting, 'Bedroom Walls' is an effortlessly good, introspective alt-pop ballad lyrically reflects on the comfort of having your own personal kingdom when you need an escape from the world’s chaos.

Her pure but powerful vocal performance guides us through the track almost angelically and captivates you more and more as it continues and the lyrics are sure to resonate with listeners of her own age. It's everything you want from an indulgent indie pop song - classy with a lush soundscape of steady drum beats, a gorgeous melody and a sing along chorus.

Lexi says on the track,

"This song expresses a feeling that I think we’ve all gone through - a feeling of wanting to be alone in your room where you can be yourself rather than being at a party. My bedroom is my safe space. I feel like when I’m in my room it’s the one moment out of my crazy life that allows me to focus on myself and be present. Having that time is so important and it’s those little moments that matter!”

Lexi Jayde is an emerging artist who's been writing songs since the age of 6. Collaborating with A-list producers and writers, the independent artist has impressively amassed over 6 million global streams and had support from the likes of Spotify, Apple Music and MTV to name just a few, not to mention her massive Instagram following.

Her ever-evolving sound immerses listeners into the world of the average teen. Growing up in the suburbs of Los Angeles, the 18-year-old contributes artists like Clairo, Tame Impala, Lennon Stella, and Fleetwood Mac to her personable and intimate music inspired by the California sun. As she experiences life, Lexi finds herself fighting the duality of youth and becoming an adult. Speaking for the voice of Gen-Z, Lexi is personable, honest, and open about her struggles and insecurities. A true artist, her music is timeless. Fans can expect more new music from Lexi Jayde this summer.

'Bedroom Walls' is out now. Listen HERE @lexijayde


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