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LIN | Golden Light

Swedish singer-songwriter LIN has released her new track 'Golden Light'.


'Golden Light' is pop perfection, polished and ready made for the mainstream. LIN's sweet voice could easily be compared to the likes of some of the biggest names in the industry right now. It's the total package - current with the catchiest chorus, honest lyrics and funky production.

When you're falling in love, head over heels, and you don't know that person so well. You know that you should stop and think logically but the feeling you get is so strong that you dont't have a chance - that's the story behind 'Golden Light'.

LIN says:

"When I got the inspiration for this song. It went from one second to another, a person I never thought of as more than a friend suddenly became something else. I remember swearing loudly to myself because I knew how hard It is to stay friends after a relationship, so I wrote this song."

LIN is from Stockholm, Sweden and moved to London at 18 years old to study music. She began performing in pubs whilst doing part time work at the Royal Albert Hall, whilst developing her musical expression on the side. On her return to Sweden in 2019, she was signed to the label Ninetone.


Listen to 'Golden Light' HERE

Instagram: @linthesinger


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