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Liquid Bloom & Porangui | Peyote Canyon

Deep-tech visionaries Liquid Bloom and Porangui have dropped their intrepid new project ‘Peyote Canyon’.


Released via Desert Dwellers’s imprint Desert Trax, the single is accompanied by five remixes from prodigious electronic innovators: Uone, Wolf Tech, Ekorce, Ancestral Elephants and Tylepathy. 

‘Peyote Canyon’ is an interstellar journey through the theatrical scope of some of the most forward-thinking minds in EDM, and draws expertly on an array of sonic influences ranging from psychedelic to downtempo and deep-tech. Do not sleep on this.


Listen to 'Peyote Canyon' HERE Instagram: @liquidbloom | @porangui

WRITTEN BY ALISTER ROSS Twitter: @ross_alister


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