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Lisa Conta | Never Answer

Swedish Gambian rising-star Lisa Conta has returned with her infectious house jam, 'Never Answer', produced by DJ Ironik.


The singer, songwriter and model introduced her brand of incredible music to the world in the best way - right in time for the summer, whilst putting the finishing touches to her debut EP.

Following a slew of recent support from the likes of BBC Radio London for her debut single, the sultry R&B track, 'Difficult', she has returned with a wildly addicting house cut.

Both classy and melodic with rich beats and soulful vocals, the high energy 'Never Answer' takes a playful and catchy approach to classic dance music blending R&B beats with a radio ready, infectious chorus, vibrant and dreamy synth shimmers and striking vocals. The track is flavoured with classic tech house production whilst still having a pop-infused commercial feel to appeal to the masses, as she shows off her ability to create diverse tracks with genre-fusing sounds.

Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Never Answer’ and how the single came together, Lisa Conta says,

I think we all can relate to that feeling when you really need to reach someone and they’re not picking up. ‘Never Answer’ is about the frustration and irritation you feel when you’re constantly calling someone who’s not picking up your call. ‘You never answer’ was the first line that came to my head as soon as I heard the beat, so we decided to keep it and built the song out from there. It was a real honour working with Ironik and Roses on this one”.

Born and raised in Stockholm, and now based in London, Lisa Conta come with a strong musical family pedigree, from her grandfather Demba Conta, who is one of Gambia’s biggest music stars, to her father Eddie Conta, known for such hits as ‘Dongoo’ and ‘Manyoo’. Her passion for singing and being immersed in her family’s musical heritage, led her to join her school choir at the age of 10, and she started developing her own sound through her teenage years, inspired by R&B icons such as Brandy, Whitney Houston and Aaliyah.

'Never Answer' is out now. Listen HERE @lisaconta


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