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It's not often that an album is celebrated with a UK tour more than 10 years after release and although some may find it hard to believe more than a decade has passed since the Scottish alt-rockers Twin Atlantic released 'Free', this tour brought it in its entirety back to the stage.


Newcastle's Boilershop played host to the boys cleverly produced show of two parts, the first half of which commemorated 'Free' in it's entirety and reminded the audience of how impressive this album is and how it truly left its mark on everyone who has heard it.

The tour also celebrated some of the best in Scottish upcoming talent as Twin Atlantic invited two supports, Dead Pony and Declan Welsh & The Decadent West to join them on tour. They both played sets of original music which nicely warmed up the crowd for the main event.

With eager anticipation of what was to come, the fans were hit with nostalgia, memories and reminiscence as soon as the lights went down and the all familiar opening of first album 'Edit Me' starts to play, quickly followed by the fist-pumping 'Time For You To Stand Up' and 'Apocalyptic Renegade' - some of the bands' heavier, emo-rock infused material. The next cluster of tracks show off a cleverness in the bands refined song writing skills and the adoration shown from each of the audience faces was a clear indication that their love for the band has not waned as they years have passed.

'Yes, I Was Drunk' has always been a firm fan favourite with it's raw emotion, the sing-along vibe of 'Dreamember' goes down a treat and the pure quality of this album is proven with title track 'Free' - met with a total 'hands in the air' moment. The set is then slowed with the acoustic opening of 'Crash Land' where we witness the audience chant every word straight back.

A charismatic performance of 'Make A Beast Of Myself' came next with Sam's vocals staying flawless throughout. Track after track are performed with a hooky infectiousness as the ending of the album is played out, including the gorgeous instrumental 'Serious Underground Dance Vibes', the grungy 'Eight Days' and the powerful 'Wonder Sleeps Here' and, of course, ending on the intoxicating 'We Want Better, Man'.

Part two takes us on a journey of what came next, filled with some of the bands best loved tracks taken from other album era's. Turning up the energy straight away with alt-rock hit 'No Sleep' which was met with the first pit of the evening. 'Hold On' and 'Barcelona' are played like the true anthems they have become whilst new track 'Bang On The Gong', taken from the Twin Atlantic's newest album 'Transparency', is met with appreciation before a finale of 'Brothers and Sisters' and 'Heart and Soul'.

Twin Atlantic have never slowed down and continue to release banger after banger which are still as adored as much as ever - this tour can only be described as a perfect celebration of old, new and what's to come. The crowd of mixed-ages shows off the mass appeal of their music as they've showed progression but never steered away from what they know best and their live show is exciting, energetic, in places rowdy and of utter brilliance. Twin Atlantic, even after all of these years, are a band who are still, very much, at the top of the game.


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