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The South Eastern quintet are back in Newcastle for the first time almost in two years with a show which transported us back to where it all began, featuring sneak peak of upcoming album 'Truth Decay'.


A step up from when You Me At Six last ventured to the North East where they played in Newcastle University's Student Union, the band performed this time around at Academy Music Group's latest acquisition, Newcastle's much larger, beloved City Hall.

Up and coming indie-pop band Bears in Trees kicked off the evening, which may have seemed like an unusual choice with their calmer, folk-inspired tracks, but they to win the crowd over with a short setlist of original material.

Arizona five-piece The Maine then took us back to the early 2000's with covers of Smash Mouth's All Star and MCR's Black Parade. The band then made one lucky fan's dreams come true as they were invited on stage to help perform hit single Black Butterflies and Deja Vu.

Waterparks were the final instalment of the support acts. They opened with a taste their new electronic style. They then reverted to classic pop-punk songs that won the hearts of their fans when they burst onto the scene with their first single in 2012, A very inspired warm up which showcased both new talent and familiar faces.

It was now time for the moment everyone had been anticipating. You Me At Six arrived on stage one by one, building up the intense atmosphere, with drummer Dan and bassist Matt on an elevated platform. In a bold move the band opened with new release 'DEEP CUTS'. However, this was well received by a crowd well up for the occasion. The band then played 'Cold Night' which provided the calm before the storm.

This 'storm' would be the next section of the show that Frontman Josh Franceschi titled 'THE MOSHPIT'; we all knew exactly what was coming. Sinners Never Sleep classic 'Bite My Tongue' soon followed. Oli Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon may not have been present for his part but the crowd certainly helped out Josh as he showcased his vocal talent. Recent tracks, 'What's It Like' and, 'No Future? Yeah Right' completed this 'three song smash'.

The tempo ramped up as people began crowd surf, with Josh sharing an intimate moment with each fan as they were safely passed over the barricade. They may not have sold out the 2600 capacity venue, however the energy levels around the Hall said different.

Amongst the craziness, the band made sure they had time to play an acoustic rendition of No One Does It Better, with Franceschi making a touching tribute to their loyal fanbase, "You have no idea how many times you've saved my life" before declaring, "Newcastle was one of the first cities to open it's doors to us".

The encore was the perfect mix of old and new, starting with new hits 'Beautiful Way' and 'SUCKAPUNCH' before the band finished on outright classics 'Reckless and Underdog'.

You Me At Six are a band that have never forgotten their roots and delivered a performance which fans old and new thrived off. The glimpses we got of new album 'Truth Decay' show that that You Me At Six are keen to go right back to the heart of what made them break onto the music scene almost 15 years ago and it would seem we have a lot to look forward to on February 10th when the record is released.


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