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Liza Anne | Change My Mind

Liza Anne has released 'Change My Mind' which was taken from her forthcoming album Bad Vacation, out now on Arts & Crafts Records.


'Change My Mind' oozes cool, not vocally and instrumentally. A fusion between indie, dance and pop with a real unique sound and an 80's electropop vibe. Its high energy, catchy and ensures feel good listening, making you want to listen over and over.

The punchy guitar and synth's soundtrack Liza's self reflective vocals, analysing the intertwining of egos and confrontation in relationships.

Discussing the new song, Liza stated,

Change My Mind is a chaotic puzzle of emotions of all the places I tend to go when I am angry and feel my back to the wall. I have a really hard time letting my guard down in conflict - I tend to get defensive and sensitive and throw my walls up. Where there is inflamed ego, there’s hardly room for understanding. This song holds hope of wanting the person on the other side to be there while you soften up, someone to challenge you to a place of connection, someone who is safe to grow in front of and with. I am so sad that I ever learned conflicts in relationships are something to be won - you’re on the same team. Winning is connection.”

'Bad Vacation' marks a new sonic direction for Liza and is a hybrid of new wave, art rock and 90s indie grunge-pop and is set to establish Liza as a breakthrough independent artist and a bold young voice in mental health self awareness. 


Listen to 'Change My Mind' & 'Bad Vacation' HERE Instagram: @lizaannemusic


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