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Lo Lauren has started things off on a high. With only one release to her name, 'Never The One', the budding pop-powerhouse has already won the adoration of BBC Radio 1, earnt ‘Track of the Week’ status on her local BBC Introducing platform, and amassed over 100,000 streams, all on the basis of purely great music. Now back to reinforce her position as one of the most exciting names to burst onto the scene and a keen contender for 2024 ‘Ones to Watch’ lists, Lo Lauren delivers 'Only One on Earth'.


A synth-soaked sensation, 'Only One on Earth' is an indelible second entry into the current soundscape. Uniting the playful effervescence of noughties nostalgia with the unapologetically bold character of today’s music scene, Lo Lauren demonstrates undeniable ability to pen an internationally digestible pop anthem, yet, maintain its own quirky, endearing charm.

Telling a tale of unrequited lust, the single chimes, “I can’t be the only one on earth, when’s it gonna be my turn?”, as Lo Lauren embarks on a 2 minute 49 second colourful journey on the shades of rejection. Beyond its buoyancy is a profound exploration of human connection, yet, whether it be a break-up anthem like 'Never The One' or a rejection rant like 'Only One on Earth', true to the exuberant core of Lo Lauren, she always makes you feel like you’re going to make it through it.

In her own words, Lo Lauren explains,

“'Only One on Earth' is about putting yourself out there, telling someone you like them and being flat out rejected. It’s heartbreaking, savage and embarrassing! And in moments when your feelings are unrequited and you’re knocked back, it’s suddenly like everyone around you is extra loved up and happy, which leaves you feeling even more sad and alone. So this is a cry for human connection, acceptance and love and I had so much fun writing it”

A resounding success, debut single 'Never The One', gave listeners and tastemakers a glimpse of Lo Lauren’s ever-growing potential. Upon its release, the track was seized by BBC Radio with Radio 1’s Mollie King giving it an incredible two spins on her ‘Future Pop’ show and Maia Beth adding to that with her own. Fellow BBC presenter, Abbie McCarthy, made the single her ‘Track of the Week’ on BBC Introducing Kent and described it as “Pop perfection”.

With additional nods of approval from DSP’s, who gave the track extensive support, Lo Lauren is set for this next release and ready to take those tracks that sound tracked your teenage years and make them new again.

'Only One on Earth' is out now. Listen HERE @lolauren


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