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Lone Laveer | Know You

Brighton based trio Lone Laveer have released their debut track 'Know You'. The track serves as a calling card for their bold brand of emotion pop, as well as an anthem of love, loss, and saving yourself from relationships built on false promises.


'Know You' is poetic, polished and is glittering with emotion. A lush, chilled melody is paired with crisp vocals make this track a really strong debut for the group. It's fresh and unique but somewhat familiar and commercial, successfully putting their stamp on the market.

The sound juxtaposes with the subject matter, but tackles it in a refreshing way - we see the journey of dejection to heartbreak to rebirth throughout.

Luke Ferre of the band says,

“We wanted to capture the hopelessness of trying to change a situation that you know is doomed, where the only action you can control is your participation in it. I know the feeling all too well. It’s like grabbing at sand through water, the sensation of it seeping out of your fist no matter how tightly you squeeze. Hopefully this song makes people feel less alone, and gives them the courage and perspective to see their way out of any tunnel they might be in, romantic or otherwise.”

Lone Laveer is the lovechild of singer / songwriter Ed Gibson and songwriting and production duo Chill Murray. Momentum is building with more new music planned for release later in the year, as well as live shows as soon as possible! Lone Laveer are destined for big things.


Listen to 'Know You' HERE Instagram: @lonelaveer


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