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Known for her timeless vocal stylings, indie pop artist Lorelei Marcell kicks off a string of new releases with the first single off of her upcoming EP. Entitled 'Need Me', the new song confronts feelings that rose to the surface when she finally grasped the toxicity of a past breakup.


With toxicity bordering a fine line with love, Lorelei reflects on what about the breakup, kept her hooked and the reasons why she eventually had to fully leave. It was never a question of whether or not she wanted this person around; in fact, the only thing she loved more than his presence was knowing that he wanted her there too. The feeling of being needed felt good - almost like she was helping to fill the parts of him that were empty.

She says,

“I was the most vulnerable yet accommodating version of myself, something I'll never regret. It’s a valuable lesson I learned about myself in the most heart wrenching moments.”

A fusion of explosive production which fuses a cool R&B swagger with dreamy indie pop, the lyrics of 'Need Me' explore the ways in which she kept falling - over and over again. The bittersweet nostalgia is what fuels her music today with the new release being the first of many upcoming singles that explore the complexities of her recent breakup.

Born outside of Philadelphia, Lorelei was brought up in a suburb of Boston and now resides in Los Angeles. The young pop artist has not only gathered over a million cumulative streams independently, but has also drawn the likes of GRAMMY® Award-nominated songwriter JHart to her corner. Linking up with him, she wrote and recorded the bulk of the EP. Lorelei’s music will continue to defy both era and categorization, her talents consistently sit front and centre and her new single certainly does not disappoint.

'Need Me' is out now. Listen HERE @loreleimarcell


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