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Lorrèn | Someone To Love

Dutch singer-songwriter Lorrèn has released her second single 'Someone To Love' which is the follow-up of the soulful 'Pieces', about being in search of love.


'Someone To Love' is a really beautiful, sultry and sophisticated track with a really 00's nostalgia, reminiscent of the likes of Amy Winehouse & Duffy. Lorrèn has a great range and unique tone, and the chorus is super catchy, yet mellow and serene. The visuals are just as stunning as the track itself. Lorrèn can mix soul, pop and scat her way through every jazz song known to mankind.

Last year Lorrèn worked with several songwriters and producers to work on her new EP that will be released in the Autumn of 2020.


Listen to 'Someone To Love' HERE Instagram: @lorrenmusic


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