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Lotte | Belong

Lotte tells a story about young naive love, betrayal, self-consciousness and imperfection in her brand new 4-track EP, featuring focus track 'Belong', alongside 'Don't Tell', 'Show Me Shadows' & 'Mess'.


Growing up in the small town of Jessheim outside of Oslo in Norway, Lotte suddenly appeared out of nowhere and took a position as one of the most exciting up-and-coming artists out of Norway this spring when she won the NRK P3 competition for unsigned artists in April.

Lotte was working as a nurse at the local hospital with a dream of becoming an artist, but growing up in this small town, it was a bold move to stand out of the crowd and do something outside of the ordinary. Finally she had gathered the courage to follow her dream and quit her day job, but then came COVID-19, and instead she was forced to take extra shifts at the hospital.

During the past intense months, the music was her escape from reality and the EP ‘Belong’ was starting to shape together with the producer Henrik Haraldsen Sveen.

According to Lotte, the EP touches upon important matters:

’Belong’ is about finding true love and the one you think you want to be with for the rest of your life yet the fear of losing someone that are important to you. ‘Don´t Tell’ is a tragic break-up-song which describes the feeling of betrayal, yet it´s also my most up-tempo and positive vibe song so far. ‘Show Me Shadows’ I think is my most personal song so far, where the theme of the song is about gathering the courage to stand out from the crowd and just being yourself. ‘Mess’ is a tribute to everything imperfect in life and a reminder that no one can be perfect all the time.

Lotte wishes to write vulnerable feelgood pop songs with a rock attitude, that even though they are touching upon serious themes, still have a positive vibe. The inspiration she gathers from hip hop and pop-punk and a mix of things she used to listen to as a child. 


Listen HERE

Instagram: @lottesollie


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