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Loud Forest | Glow

Loud Forest have released their new single entitled 'Glow'. The song narrates living in the light of your love and when times get tough you can find solace in your loved ones warmth.


'Glow' is a melodic, summery track, featuring shimmering synths, passionate vocals and feel-good melodies. It's a sound that leaves us wanting more, a truly polished and stand out track which is a new take on your typical love song. We just love it.

"I've seen you glow, magical and radiant. The light was perfect, you were bursting with love and life and laughter, I even caught it on a polaroid picture, no flash. That's what the song is about."

Bernard and Rachel Chadwick are the husband-and-wife duo that create pop/rock music imbued with love and artisanship. Theirs is an enviable creative relationship built around making more of themselves and the world through collaboration. The band started as a way for rock to fuse into art and art to fuse into rock, and this became the exact intention of their music going forward.

The band’s incorporation of pop sensibilities, ethereal vocals, insightful lyrics and rock undertones give them a sound that is unique, fun and sure to keep you grooving. Loud Forest has landed multiple Spotify and Apple playlists, as well as performing to sold out audiences across Los Angeles.


Listen to 'Glow' HERE Instagram: @loudforestmusic


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