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'Ophelia' is the 5th single from Swedish band Louis Pax, since they have gone independent following praise and positive feedback from listeners and influential tastemakers.


Right from the very beginning, when the first drums kick in, the simple way of playing and letting the song breathe between the pulses, transports you back to those after-school, MTV-watching, punk-era days. 'Ophelia' plays homage to the old synth sounds and classic melodies of the 80s but also takes inspiration in the sound and lyrics from bands that dominated the scene in the early 2000s. 'Ophelia' is an uptempo and fun pop song with a very hooky chorus, perfect for summer!

"Much like Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the song tells of Ophelia, a modern-day, independent woman plagued by the wrong-doings of her lover, which causes her to act out and be seen as a little “mad” to the rest of the world. But Ophelia is just being Ophelia. She doesn’t give a f*ck about society's norms, she questions everything and is not afraid to show up to the world raw and uninhibited. In this song, she’s in leather-jacket-clad dialogue with the singer, trying to get him to understand the way she sees the world and he is mesmerised by her sweet, charming, yet bad b*tch presence. She reminds us of Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction a bit too, doesn’t she?"

Louis Pax is a 3-piece pop band from southern Sweden. They are focusing on developing new sound elements whilst maintaining their signature pop sound. Formerly known as Royal Prospect, the band developed an international following on their tours around the world as well as maintaining a steady following in Sweden. The band have recently parted from their 4th member, drummer Hannes Pennsäter and are currently on tour, gigging in Sweden and Denmark.

'Ophelia' is out now. Listen HERE @louispaxband


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