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LOVA | One Day Left

Swedish pop singer / songwriter LOVA wonders what you would do if you only had 'one day left' on her track out via Universal Music AB / Republic Records.


'One Day Left' is lyrically pleasing, perfect pop music with electro-pop danceability. Refreshingly honest and unique, upbeat production and bright synths create a backdrop for LOVA's cool vocals honest lyrics that convey a reminder to carpe diem in our current situation.

Breaking boundaries in the pop world, LOVA is quickly establishing herself as a musical force to be reckoned with.

About the song, LOVA commented,

“‘One Day Left’ is a reminder that life is precious. No one knows what tomorrow looks like or how long we have on this planet... So instead of worrying about the small stuff like asking your crush on a date, staying up late at night wondering about what people think of you or getting jealous and upset over dumb shit, we should enjoy every day like it is our last and appreciate the things and the ones we have. I really hope that when people listen to ‘One Day Left’ they will put aside all of their negative thoughts for 3 minutes and dance like there’s no tomorrow and like no one’s watching!!!”

With much more new music on the way, 'One Day Left' continues a prolific streak for LOVA, with recent single 'Black Converse' garnering 5 million streams in just 2 months.

'One Day Left' is out now.


Listen to the track HERE @lovamusic

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