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Love Angeles | Slow Down

Love Angeles have released their second album 'The Scenic Route To Mars', which features all genres of music that influence their writing, no two songs sounding the same. The album features track 'Slow Down'.


'Slow Down' gives us a genre fusion of country, folk, indie pop and rock. With acoustic driven guitar lines and raspy and refined vocals, it's a feel-good track about making the most of life and enjoying everything that happens with raw and honest lyricism and universally relatable lyrics. Expressive and wholesome, 'Slow Down' is captivating and makes you want to hear more.

"Slow Down is about enjoying life and just wishing it would slow down."

After a history of lineup changes, Love Angeles has solidified their current line up, with Andrew on guitar, Jules on drums and David on guitar and vocals.

'The Scenic Route To Mars' is out now.


Listen to the album HERE @loveangelesmusic


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