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We were lucky enough to be able to listen to Love Fame Tragedy's new EP early and it blew us away. We went to his headline show in Newcastle at The Cluny and it did not disappoint. The venue is small, only 300 capacity but even though it was such an intimate show, it had the energy levels of something much bigger and it was a privilege to be part of that audience.


Having seen The Wombats perform on stage to thousands, before the show we didn't write know what to expect. Yet as the music started, it was plainly obvious that Murph and his band are a group of incredible talent, ready made for bigger stages. He has perfected songwriting and performing live. As it was an intimate venue, every song sung had meaning and you could feel every lyric. The band were loving it too.

The might was only about Love Fame Tragedy and we are pleased that he didn't actually perform anything from The Wombats. Whispers in the crowd hoping he might play one or two did not last and we were given new songs a plenty, starting with 'Backflip' from his first EP.

'Hardcore' and 'Riding a Wave' came next, the crowd getting rowdier by the minute as every word was sang back to him. New songs '5150' and 'Brand New Brain' among others went down a treat for the first time they were ever performed live.

Finishing off with 'Pills' which is definitely a fan favourite, he followed with an encore of 'Please Don't Murder Me (Part 2) which was a perfect opener to go into his first ever release 'My Cheating Heart'.

This is way more than a side project. This is a polished and perfected act of incredible talent.

We got the chance to speak to Murph before the show too. You can read some of our interview here!

Love Fame Tragedy was introduced by single 'My Cheating Heart', followed by a 4 song EP. Why did you choose those 4?

I didn't really. I'm just concentrating on making an album but because its a new project it's better to roll it out in EP's and then these EP's are gonna form one big album by the end of the summer or whenever that comes out!

Are you excited for the rest of the tour and can we expect more live shows and festival appearances this summer?

Yeah there's some festivals already in and there's going to be some other stuff happening and more touring around the album dropping.

Your next EP is due to be released really soon, and most of the tracks have been released as singles. How has the reaction been to those songs and are you excited to get those out as a full EP?

Really good! I am excited about the EP but I'm definitely more excited about the album. It's going to be a 17 track album and I guess I'm mid 30's so I think in terms of albums still, but I am excited to get it out!



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