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Loveclub | Backtrack

Emerging Canadian artist Loveclub returns with a charmingly energetic synthy alt pop track - 'Backtrack'.


With it's uptempo beat is contrasted against melancholic and self reflective lyrics, 'Backtrack' invites listeners to take a retrospective look at how the tougher side of relationships are handled, recognizing that in their aftermath, arguments tend to provide emotional clarity and that it's not always going to be rainbows.

“The song itself came together pretty fast. I made the beat in one sitting and it was a week or so later that I came up with the vocal melody for it. Finding the right lyrics was a little bit trickier. But I’m always writing lyrics in my notes app. So that’s where I pulled the initial idea from - an old note on my phone – then I spent some time reworking until I was happy with how it matched the melody. As important as lyrics are to me. I think ‘Backtrack’ is a song where it’s more the feeling you get when you hear it and the lyrics are a bonus.”

Loveclub's distintive aural aesthetic transports his fans when they listen. He plays with dissonance in a way that can only described as hypnotic, interweaving arrangements between indie pop and rnb creating a contemporary alt pop blend. Using everything from 80’s synth kits and sensibilities interspersed with smooth, lush John Mayer-esque vocals punctuated with sharp lyricism, Loveclub’s intoxicating tunes are the songs listeners go to when they want to feel the romance. Listeners have turned to Loveclub’s catalog over 300,000 times online.

Since receiving support from many influential media channels including BuzzFeed after a viral TikTok, Loveclub now has an audience of over 175k, making 'Backtrack' his most highly anticipated release to date.


Listen to 'Backtrack' HERE Instagram: @1800loveclub


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