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'Five Songs to Briefly Fill The Void' is the second EP from Love Fame Tragedy. As soon as the music starts and the first lyric is heard, the listener knows the voice behind the song. Not surprising when that voice has sold over a million records in the last 15 years. He is better known as Matthew Murphy (Murph), lead singer of massive British indie band The Wombats.


'Riding a Wave' is the first song on the EP. A beautifully written song about being in a relationship and how that feels, complete with indie bass lines, hooks and a memorable chorus, song writing at its finest and a tune that would not be out of place on a main stage at a festival. Murph's voice is easily recognisable, and fits perfectly into the British indie scene.

'Body Parts' continues the chorus driven, guitar based, irresistible feel of this EP. Another story of a relationship disguised as an electro indie pop song. Synth based and real.

'Hardcore' features riff's from the onset, more synth and the familiarity of a voice that was made to sing catchy anthems. A collaboration with Maddi-Jean Waterhouse, who's voice blends with Murph's perfectly in this emotional track, the sound unique and unforgettable.

'Please Don't Murder Me (Part 2)' has a funky opening and is on the softer side of Murph's voice, showing off his writing ability in this song that was originally written in jest. It just works on this EP. A short song of only 1 minute and 21 seconds, but once you've heard it, you go right back to the start and listen over and over.

'Multiply' is last up. A collaboration with Australian singer Jack River. A disco beat with a sound reminiscent of the early 1990's, showing off vocal ability. Song writing and story telling at it's finest.

We so wish this EP was a full album. We didn't want it to end. Clever lyrics, beautiful beats, electro pop with a funky vibe. A real slick piece of work that could be performed in any arena and would be hugely appreciated.

As we said in our live review:

"It's way more than a side project. It's a polished and perfected act of incredible talent".


'Five Songs to Briefly Fill The Void' is out now!


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