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LP Giobbi | Meet Again ft. Little Boots

L.A. based producer, FEMME HOUSE founder, pianist and DJ LP Giobbi will shake up your summer with her new dance floor anthem 'Meet Again', featuring Little Boots.


The dance beat of 'Meet Again' kicks in from the very first second of the track - it's fast and fresh, and certain to be a dance floor anthem of the future. It's definitive and dynamic, a captivating and energetic groove that kicks off with LP's trademark housey piano riffs.

Little Boots unique vocals have already brought her many top charting hits and 'Meet Again' is sure to be another one of those tracks. It's the perfect feel good, track to brighten up your summer, being stuck indoors and wishing we were on the dance floor at 3am again...

“Even if we don’t know when or don’t know where, we will be able to reunite on a dance floor to be a part of something greater than ourselves one day in the future,”

The track for 'Meet Again' came together while LP was riding a train in Vienna on the way to a show last winter. She sent it to Little Boots during lockdown to get her creative take, and it just so happened that Little Boots had recently heard the Queen’s speech where she spoke on how hope had to be kept alive during the dark, quarantine times. The Queen assured everyone that ‘We’ll meet again,’ and the birth of this track’s title was the result.

"It’s such a simple line, but I felt pulled to share it as a meaningful message across the world to everyone feeling lonely, disconnected or sad"


Listen to 'Meet Again' HERE Instagram: @lpgiobbi


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