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Birmingham three-piece alt band Lucky Number You have released their sophomore single 'Clown World Rises', a pop track with an 80's throwback feel.


'Clown World Rises' explores the themes of confusion, ageing and feeling alien in your own environment whilst sonically being a love better to the bombastic pop of the 80's, built around the thundering pomp of Phil Collins-esque drums and shimmering choruses guitars, reminiscent of INXS and their ilk.

There are endless introspective questions to ask: How does a person come to terms with advancing into obsolescence and obscurity in a world fixated on fortune, fame, and a steady descent into the downright bizarre? Is there still a place for someone creating art for art’s sake? Are things actually weirder nowadays, or am I just… losing my edge?

Lucky Number You was formed during 2020 as a studio project with an aim to push themselves creatively to produce a full LP whilst being locked down in their home studios. The band takes inspirations from timeless 80's and 90's pop and rock classics whilst having a modern sound which is all it's own. Mixing the best of pop, rock, synths and classics, iconic sounds of yesteryear, whilst sounding entirely current, Lucky Number Yous' sound is something completely unclassifiable.

The bands' debut LP 'Aftercare' is due for release in Spring 2022 and was written and produced by the band themselves and mastered by Tom Woodhead at Hippocratic Mastering.

'Clown World Rises' is out now. Listen HERE @luckynoyou


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