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Luke Marshall Black | Skin

Scottish songwriter Luke Marshall Back has revealed his gritty, epic new single 'Skin' via AWAL.


Following the previous releases 'Losing Sleep' and 'Let Love Go', 'Skin' marks the final stage of three tracks which introduce Luke Marshall Black to the world - and is also his production debut which consolidates his ability to craft the modern heartbreak ballad.

He uses heartfelt lyricism which discusses the themes of isolation and the loss of physical touch, something that is universally relatable to many of us right now. 'Skin' is set to chilled acoustic instrumentation which uses light electronics with melodic hooks and sultry contemporary beats whilst his raw and gritty vocal boasts his Scottish accent in his tone.

“I wanted to offer something that touched on the experience of lockdown without being exclusive to it. It’s important to me that songs reflect life on a few different levels...I think that's the key to longevity”.

With his experience behind him, ‘Skin’ provides a more mature and sincere reflection than your typical pop offering. This long term vision and commitment to longevity encapsulates Luke’s approach to his craft.

A slow and steady approach to launching his career has been really important to Luke, whose mission statement is all about adding value. This approach is proving successful with support from influential tastemakers, an appearance at Glastonbury, support from BBC Radio Bristol and a sold out debut headline show. Having achieved all this entirely independently, it’s clear that the future is bright for this talented young artist.

"It’s really important for me that my music can add something unique to the tapestry of songs out there and mean something important to the people who hear it’’.

'Skin' is out now.


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