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Lune | Where Do Love Go

Swedish artist Lune has released a heartwarming one take video set in a chilly environment to her bubbly summer song 'Where Do Love Go' - originally released on May 29th.


'Where Do Love Go' is an irresistible dance pop sing along. Lune asks the question of 'where love goes when something ends?' It’s the soothing voice that tells you that every emotion is ok, even when you’re reaching for the minibar. Her crystal clear voice floats over the steady, soft beat while the crisp, glittery arpeggio synths shimmer like whirling snow in the background. The melody sticks like a strawberry bubblegum. A feel-good pop track that, most certainly, will brighten up your day.

The video takes us to a wintery, Scandinavian beach where we see three best friends do a heartfelt and playful dance together in a chilly arctic setting with warm smiles. An unusual one take video shot on 35 mm film.

Lune said on the video:

”Dancing with Emma and Hanna is magical. Our love is so strong that we felt that dancing on a summer beach on a hot day would have been too easy for us. I think we wanted to put our love to the test. And we made it.” 

Lune's previous work includes the mesmerising Swedish House Mafia song 'Leave The World Behind' that was featured in a Volvo commercial and Teenage crime by Adrian Lux that set the tone for a decade of dance music that followed. 

With a hypnotizing, otherworldly voice and lyrics that go straight to the heart of human existence, Lune has a way of pulling the listener into her sphere. Whether it’s dusky synths, a heartbreaking ballad or a beat that makes you want to dance, her enigmatic crystal pop instantly grabs a hold of you.


Listen to 'Where Do Love Go' HERE

Instagram: @luneworld


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