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MacK | Pretty

MacK has released her debut single 'Pretty' - a fun, bubblegum pop track with major girl power vibes.


MacK's vocal on 'Pretty' is gorgeous and the song is super summery and catchy. You can really hear Meghan Trainor vibes in the production but the track is truly original and shows off the artist she is, and the sax is an added bonus. A really lively, pop-perfect song!

She says:

"This sassy song-of-the-summer speaks to the value of knowing that you are beautiful, while also recognising that one's outside appearance has no impact on one's worth."

MacK is a 26-year-old singer turned songwriter who comes in three flavors: happy, sad, and sassy. Her bluesy vocals and lethal lyrics combine with quirky pop tracks to create a memorable brand that is all her own.

MacK's style, presence, and creativity has been praised by industry professionals such as songwriter and composer Frank Wildhorn. While she feels at home performing for hundreds in a crowd, her most memorable performance was back in 1999 in front of her bathroom mirror, hairbrush in hand, belting out 'Oops...I Did It Again.'!


Listen to 'Pretty' HERE Instagram: @thisismackmusic


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