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Nashville singer/songwriter Madeline Consoer has released her new single 'Summer Forever', to continue her prolific summer which has seen her garner praise from press and landing in coveted playlists on Spotify.


The track is a pop-country ballad about the bittersweet feeling of reminiscing about summer when it's almost over and not wanting it to end.

Madeline says,

“Wishing Summer lasted a little longer is a pretty universal thought, I think. Whether it’s because you want it to stay warmer, or you want that summer love to last, this song can kinda tug on all those strings. The production really helps the feel of the lyrics hit home, with its equal parts sad and melancholy, and then happily reminiscent. I loved writing this song because of how relatable it felt to me… I mean, I definitely wish that it was summer forever.”

Madeline Consoer seamlessly weaves her way in and out of the country and pop landscapes. With her story-telling lyrics, and pop-esque melodies, she channels her real-life situations into her music; from falling in and out of love, she pulls from plenty of inspiration. Madeline’s raw, authentic, voice, and powerful, yet emotional performances, draw listeners in and keep them coming back for more.

This is just the beginning for Madeline, and she’s ready for anything that comes her way.

'Summer Forever' is out now. Listen HERE @madelineconsoer


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