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Nashville artist and recent The Voice: Season 19 participant, Madeline Consoer, has shared her nostalgia anthem and music video 'Wish It Away'.


The video follows Madeline as she relives some of her favourite memories that she wishes she appreciated more. She says,

“‘Wish It Away’ is for the 16-year-old, just getting their first car, all the way to the 83-year-old, reminiscing on the great life that they had. We can all relate to wanting to go back in time and live a couple of our favorite moments one more time. You never know how good you have it until you're out of it, and you wish you didn’t wish those good times away. Growin' up ain't all that you think. ;)”

Nashville-based singer/songwriter Madeline Consoer is quickly breaking out into the country music scene. With her story-telling lyrics, and pop-esque melodies, Madeline channels her real-life situations into her music; from falling in and out of love, she pulls from plenty of inspiration. At a very young age, she drew her influences from watching Shania Twain Live DVDs in her basement and rocking out to Taylor Swift on her way to school every morning. Madeline’s raw, authentic, voice, and powerful, yet emotional performances, draw listeners in and keep them coming back for more. This is just the beginning for Madeline, and she’s ready for anything that comes her way. Fans can expect more new music this summer.

'Wish It Away' is out now.


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