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Madelline | On a Different Wave!

Connecticut born, Montreal based artist Madelline has released her single 'On a Different Wave!' taken from her forthcoming EP 'NOISE COMPLAINT'.


'On a Different Wave!' is a classy f*** you to the people who dragged her down, and an ode to being better than ever without them. It's a synth, electro-pop track with an 80's, but modern vibe. Madelline has a unique vocal which really compliments the lyrics and overall sound - it's fresh, different and oozes with coolness, whilst still being an upbeat, catchy pop track.

Having acquired her own studio, Madelline’s entire process of making music was switched up – allowing her to take things into her own hands. Her forthcoming EP was mixed over Zoom by her mixing engineer who helped to get the vibe just right.

From April to June, Madelline locked herself up at a friends house in Mirabel, a small town outside of Motreal and gave herself time to focus on music, anxious and not knowing what to do but create.


Listen to 'On a Different Wave!' HERE Instagram:


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