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Madison Beer | Life Support

Madison Beer has released her highly anticipated debut album 'Life Support' which dropped nine years to the day since her first post on YouTube.


Photo: Bethany Vargas.

Candid, audacious and sonically eclectic, 'Life Support' is a strong personal and artistic statement from the self-made star who refuses to play by the usual pop rules. The album sees Madison where she thrives - commanding creative control through writing her own songs, producing and creating her own visuals.

Expressing and inspiring a rollercoaster of emotions through spellbinding vocals over a broad ranging sound-bed reflective of her own music taste, 'Life Support' is experimental, whilst staying honest and ardent, and pushing the boundaries of accepted lyrical norms from female artists in pop. There are references to mental health and prescription drugs, to the dizzying highs and rock-bottom lows of toxic relationships and to the atypical life that Madison has led since famously being discovered on YouTube aged just 12.

“Writing songs is like therapy for me. That’s why this album is called Life Support. It helped me get rid of the darkness and see the light. My inspirations sonically are really diverse. I guess I’m not an easy artist to pigeonhole, and a lot of these songs are like nothing I’ve ever attempted before. All of me is laid bare on this album; it’s been a really fulfilling experience to create something that feels so true to myself. Making music taught me a safe way of being vulnerable. It forced me to put my feelings into words, to hold a mirror up to myself and translate that into something tangible. There was a time in my life where the promise of going to the studio was the only thing getting me out of bed in the morning. I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s my lifeline. I can put something into a song and then let it go, send it out into the world. When fans tell me I’ve put a voice to something they’ve been feeling, it’s as affirming for me as it is for them.”

Alongside previously released singles 'Good In Goodbye', 'Selfish', 'BOYSH*T' and 'Baby', which have already garnered a collective 500 million streams, 'Life Support' includes the melodramatic, shape-shifting 'Default', the otherworldly 'Homesick', The Matrix-inspired 'Follow The White Rabbit' and country-tinged closer 'Everything Happens For A Reason'.

Prior to signing with Epic Records, Madison Beer achieved unprecedented success as an independent artist with her partner First Access Entertainment, having sold over 1 million records in the UK alone. Her debut EP made her the first independent female solo artist to break into the Top 20 radio charts and seen her debuting in the Top 5 on iTunes in 18 countries. Globally, Madison has independently amassed over 3 billion streams across her catalogue and built a huge, engaged and ever growing fanbase on social media.

The long-awaited debut is defiantly Madison, an album written as catharsis, delivered as a document of all she’s experienced and a self-care guide to coming out the other side.

'Life Support' is out now.


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