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Maggie Miles | Hilary Duff

Nashville alternative artist Maggie Miles has shared her new EP 'Swing Your Concerns' alongside brand new single 'Hilary Duff' - inspired by the days of Disney and Lizzie McGuire.


Both the single and the EP follow the exciting announcement of Maggie's endorsement deal with the incredibly acclaimed, Yamaha Music. Maggie is part of the WAY Up program which is an emerging Artists program. Not only that, Yamaha flew Maggie out to Tokyo with UK Artists JNR Williams and Wyldest from London to speak at the panel at the Yamaha Ginza Hall in Tokyo.

The emerging Artists shared experiences in song-writing and how music empowers them to express their emotions and convey a message.

Yamaha has released a preview to display what highly curated video content is to come for Maggie Miles.

Maggie shared on the new single release:

“I believe that as humans we see the option of distracting ourselves from our current reality as a better route than to truly work on bettering who we are. Why feel and work through what’s wrong when you can be numb instead. With the combination of expectations and eyeballs tracking your every move, that’s what ‘Hilary Duff’ is about”

The 'Swing Your Concerns' EP features Maggie’s latest three successful singles 'Deserve This'. 'Swim' and 'WHATDOISAY'. The first two come at an important time, with everyone in quarantine, habits are broken, and a lot of people are experiencing emotional irregularity. These new songs dive into those emotions and find hope at the root of it all.

Maggie’s first co-write in Nashville, 'WHATDOISAY?' is a hard hitting pop-infused track, has been the favourite on a slew of playlists, everything from New Music Friday to, Indie Pop, Fresh Finds and more.

Evident of seemingly inherent talent, Maggie’s sound is all her own, standing apart from the rest in a time when bedroom pop is flooding the playlists and airwaves. With over 67K monthly listeners on Spotify, it’s clear that audiences are quickly taking note of her artistry.

Much like her peers, Maggie Rogers and Billie Eilish, Maggie exudes authenticity - something the modern generation is desperately craving. She grew up on the soulful vocals of vintage artists like Stevie Nicks and Ann Wilson but has gaunt 90's grunge to be a major source of inspiration as of late. She meshes all of her influences together with pounding, anthemic instrumentals to create a sound that’s all her own. In her music, she addresses the conflicts of life through sharp-hitting lyrics textured in alternative rhythms with pop sensibilities that paint a compelling picture of our imperfect existence.

'Hilary Duff' is probably one of our favourite releases of 2020 so far. The toned down big band sound paired with Maggie's soulful vocals make for a stunning masterpiece of a track which we can't help but love.

"This song came as a surprise to me, wasn't planning on adding anything to the record, but when this fell in my lap in just under 20 minutes, I knew it needed to live with the other songs."


Listen to 'Hilary Duff' and the 'Swing Your Concerns' EP HERE

Instagram: @_maggiemiles


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