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Majeksa | 3am

Electro-pop dynamo Majeska has released her new single '3am' which sees the rising star find a strong voice through the adversity of heartbreak.


Majeska has the most pure vocal but with a cool edge. The electro-pop vibe of '3am' starts chilled but builds to a real banger with a more upbeat touch. A great track takes the listener on a journey and tells a story and that's exactly what the lyrics of '3am' do. It's melodic, emotional, and really fresh, yet slightly haunting at times.

'3am' is Majeska's fourth release, and was written and recorded in one night, embracing the desperation of a heartbreak and learning how to cope with it.

Revisiting many places and feelings throughout the track and the video, Majeska embarks on a personal journey through the world, where even the familiar places seem much different when visiting them alone.

Growing up in Greenville, Michigan, she was raised in her formative years by her mother and the music of the likes of Kate Bush, Stevie Nicks, and Kim Carnes. Leaving Michigan to pursue music, she landed in Music City Nashville.


Listen to '3am' HERE Instagram: @majeskamusic


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