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Marcelo De La Vega | Told You

Argentinian-Australian Singer / Songwriter Marcelo De La Vega has released his stunning, coming-of-age inspired debut single 'Told You'.


With groovy guitar lines and a rich, warm vocal, 'Told You' is a indulgent indie rock track, with catchy beats and clever lyrics. Elements of funky electro-pop sneak throughout the production, with sharp melodies and gritty vocals, but an overall chilled vibe which is highly listenable, even when turned up loud.

Marcelo says on the track,

"'Told You’ is about the naivety of falling in love for the first time and how we think it’s going to last forever, but it seldom ends up that way. There are always older people putting you down saying ‘it’s only young love, just you wait’ and sadly they’re usually right, so when you break up, there’s a ‘told you so’ moment. It’s about the feeling when I thought I was going to be with my first love forever and we were going to take over the world, but then some things happened, we went through actual testing moments like an adult couple, like moving to a different country together and sharing our finances but ultimately realised that we weren’t mature enough to deal with these situations we found ourselves in.”

A photographer himself, Marcelo co-directed the accompanying music video, shot entirely on film. It depicts Marcelo and his lover going down a dark, treacherous path leading to their demise.

Marcelo signed a record deal at the age of 17. Following a whirlwind stint at the Australian Institute of Music, he was flown out to New York for sessions and was almost overnight seemingly living the dream, although looking back he describes the whole experience as overwhelming and confusing, leading to Marcelo questioning his future in the industry.

Following his girlfriend-at-the-time, they packed up their lives and headed for London, she hated it but he had never felt more at home. Not picking up his guitar or thinking about writing for the first six months, Marcelo took a bar job and spent some time discovering the city, meeting new people and modelling on the side. Their relationship suffered, she cheated on him and eventually moved back to Australia, leaving Marcelo on his own. Albeit devastating, this was the change Marcelo needed, now he had a story to tell.

Marcelo's debut EP will follow in 2021.

'Told You' is out now.


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