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Introducing | Marcus

Here at The Lowdown, we love introducing our readers to fresh, up-and-coming talent. We now introduce you to genre-defying-artist Marcus, who has released previous singles 'Obey' and 'Redemption' and has now unveiled his brand new single 'The Juice'.


From a young age, the exceptionally talented singer and songwriter has always wanted to write and perform music. After briefly turning his back on his love for music during his teenage years, when he reached the age of nineteen, he began to take his commitment to music a lot more seriously. He dropped out of university early, to enable him to get ahead within the music industry and he began performing at various open mic nights around his home city of Dublin, Ireland. His hard work and drive has led him to where he is now - no doubt continued success lies ahead for him.

Reflective of his roots in a raw and passionate way, 'The Jucie' has a very catchy beat to it and tells the story of his growing up in Dublin. Inevitably, you will want to replay this song over and over again - with the chorus in particular ringing in your head, which is the sign of a fantastic release! Everything from the vocals to the production is excellent and truly showcases Marcus' undeniable talent and his love for his creative flair.

You can check out the official video for 'The Juice' here...


The Lowdown recently had the opportunity to speak with Marcus about his new single, his plans for the rest of 2021 and more. Check it out below!

You've recently released your new single, titled 'The Juice.' What has it been like for you to get new music released?

"Releasing new music is really exciting, but it can be a little bit scary too. I've worked hard over the last year putting together a body of work, so there will always be some nerves, but I do love the buzz of it. One of my favourite things about releasing music is connecting with new listeners, and we've done that with the last couple of songs, so I'm very thankful to everyone who has listened."

What is the meaning behind the track?

"'The Juice' is a tongue-in-cheek reflection on my adolescence in Dublin. We used to get up to a bit of mischief and had a lot of fun, so I guess this song is a celebration of that! I was also keen to integrate some elements of hip-hop into this song, as it's a genre that I listen to a lot. We created the beat by recording an electric guitar over a boom-bap drum loop - I think that captured the mood I was looking for."

Do you have a favourite lyric from 'The Juice'?

"'We used to have a crew' is actually a line from a Tom Hardy film, called 'The Drop.' He says it to a girl asking about his youth. I used to do a pretty bad impression of him saying it when I was younger, so it seemed fitting to open the song with that line. I would say that's my favourite lyric, because it's a bit of a double entendre and it flows nicely over the beat."

For anyone who hasn't heard the single yet, could you sum it up in a couple of words?

"I would say it's a fast-paced song with a lot of energy. My first two singles are a little slower, so I would say that this song is a good representation of my versatility too."

Who do you derive musical inspiration from?

"I get inspiration from a lot of different people. When I was younger, my Dad listened to a lot of Bob Dylan. I was really captivated by some of his songs. As I got older, I began listening to hip-hop. That has certainly influenced my approach to writing. I think it has made my delivery a little different from other singers. I've always been a fan of Mike Skkiner. I appreciate how he can depict the everyday mundane in quite a poetic way. I would say that his approach has influenced me also."

How did you first get into music? Has it always been something that you have wanted to pursue?

"I think music has always been in my blood and was something I'd always wanted to do, but for a long time, I kept that dream to myself. I had learned the guitar as a kid, but stopped playing when I was a teenager. When I was nineteen, I picked it back up and fell in love with it. Something clicked in my head and I started really putting myself out there. I began writing a lot and going to open mic nights to try out the songs. Those early years were a lot of fun."

What else have you got planned for the remainder of the year that you can tell us about?

"My debut EP, titled 'I'm Not Real,' is out in early August - I'm really excited to release it! I'm also playing a gig in Whelan's (Dublin), which we're going to video and put online. I've missed playing live a lot over the last year, so I'm excited to share that. I've been busy in the studio too, so I will have a lot more music to share as the year goes on."

Finally, do you have a message for all of your supporters?

"I have nothing but love and gratitude to anyone who has listened to my music - thank you!"

'The Juice' is out now.

Listen HERE



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