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Mark Pelli | Transient *PREMIERE*

The Lowdown are premiering the sweeping new single from Mark Pelli called ‘Transient’.


Intensely melodic and strikingly contemplative, the artist has delivered a track which will leave even the most respected of pop veterans in awe. The tangible emotion which is felt throughout the song is what makes Mark Pelli one of the most evocative songwriters of recent times.

Earning his credibility as the co-founder of pop pioneers MAGIC! and penning one of the biggest hooks of the past decade, ‘Rude’, Pelli is here to play.

Speaking about the track, he said:

“Transient is a song highlighting a fatal flaw in humanity’s love based relationships. We seem, to swiftly fall so helplessly and deeply in love with one another and, in many cases, fall out of love just as easily. There should be a strong sense of permanence and accountability in love but quite often it’s precarious and fleeting.”


Listen to 'Transient' HERE Instagram: @markpelli


Twitter: @ross_alister


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