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Mary Cicilia | HOURGLASS

Stockholm’s best kept secret, Mary Cicilia, has released her new anthemic pop number ‘HOURGLASS’.


Kicking off with slick acoustic guitars, ‘HOURGLASS’ is carried by Cicilia’s tranquil vocal harmonies and is testament to her revered creativity.

The Swedish singer/songwriter embodies exactly what it means to own yourself, and listening to her music is a captivating experience like no other.

Speaking about the track, she said:

"'HOURGLASS' came out of a long-distance relationship and its about waiting for a person, but only for so long. It’s more than okay and often necessary to set your own time-limits so you don’t end up waiting and missing out on your own life. HOURGLASS has this positive vibe and also some attitude, and it really helped me process some personal things.”

The artist has more to come, so keep checking back.


Listen to 'HOURGLASS' HERE Instagram: @marycicilia


Twitter: @ross_alister


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