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Matt Sahadi | Still Were Us

Matt Sahadi has released his second track 'Still Were Us', following his debut single 'Light of Hope' which was released back in February in partnership with Level Music.


'Still Were Us' is an infectious indie pop track which takes it's listeners on a journey, driven by a steady drum beat, bright synth sounds and bold guitar riffs with an explosion of passion and energy from the get go. The instrumentation injects elements of folk, rock and jazz ending in a dreamy soundscape of saxophone and striking guitar and taking a clear inspiration from 2000's indie rock whilst effortlessly combining hints of modern day artists such as The 1975 and Sam Fender.

Lyrically, Matt Sahadi throws the listener right into the middle of his emotional narrative, telling the tale of angst and urgency for days of old with his unrefined and stylistic vocals doing the talking.

Guitar music seemed to be the obvious choice for Matt Sahadi to blend with his folk-rock storytelling. Originally from Ohio, he moved to Nashville in an an escape of the confines and binding nature of ordinary life — and to pursue his passion for music and songwriting. From working in steel mills and later going to college, playing every open mic to spotlight showcase series, Matt’s path has not been easy and often times soul crushing as success with rock is hard to come by these days, especially in a town where Pop-Country reigns over the Music City kingdom.

Matt’s songs are for the heartbreakers, the soul searchers, and the big dream chasers — those whose hearts burn with madness for something more out of life..

'Still Were Us' is out now. Listen HERE


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