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Maude Latour | One More Weekend

Twenty-year-old Maude Latour has dropped her new single ‘One More Weekend’ which signifies a new beginning for this spirited up and comer.


The New York based artist has already received the attention of many with the previously released ‘Furniture’, however, on this new number, Maude delivers a buoyant and confessional song which will touch the hearts of all who listen.

Speaking about the track, Maude said:

“One More Weekend started off as the first verse-- I wrote these lines while sitting next to my (now) ex. I was in love, these lyrics were everything I wanted to say. It was a weekend in May that will still be on repeat. At the time, the song was a jumble-- we were breaking up for the summer but we had no idea where we stood, and the early versions of the song reflected that conflicting, all-over-the-place chaos.”

Venturing out of her humble beginnings, Maude Latour is set to become a household name in no time at all.


Listen to 'One More Weekend' HERE

Instagram: @maudelstatus


Twitter: @ross_alister


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