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Mega | Let Me Let You Go

Two years on from her acclaimed debut 'Chariot', Mega has returned with her soulful follow up single entitled 'Let Me Let You Go'.


'Let Me Let You Go' is a heartfelt, blissful track exploring the themes of trust and vulnerability. It features gentle acoustic guitar with a slightly more uptempo chorus, clever and well crafted production and emotional lyrics. Mega's vocal is truly euphonious and so easy to listen to - this track is somewhat angelic and most of all, another beautiful addition to Mega's catalogue.

Mega explains,

“Being vulnerable can be quite a scary thing to do at times, especially when entering new relationships, whether that be a friendship or romantic relationship. ‘Let Me Let You Go’ is about learning to be vulnerable, learning to let go and learning to trust. Sometimes bad past experiences and fear of there being a repetition of those bad experiences makes it difficult to be able to do that - to trust. When you find that something real/ a pure love: hold on to it! Dare to be vulnerable! This song is about embracing that person in your life and being courageous enough to be vulnerable.”

Plagued by devastating vocal problems in her youth, Mega vowed that on her return she would show her stripped-back, honest felt that she was once afraid to. Marking her recovery by debut single 'Chariot' which has now amassed over 5 million streams has cemented her status as one of Britains' most rising talents to keep on your radar.


Listen to 'Let Me Let You Go' HERE Instagram: @megaishername

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