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Messy | Out For Blood

LA based Messy has released his latest single 'Out For Blood'. The artist creates music which blurs the boundaries of contemporary pop.


'Out For Blood' hits hard right form the first note. The track is sparking with dance beats and funky hip-hop lines with a real R&B influence, making it perfect for the clubs - mellow and packed with synth lines yet a banging chorus.

An experimental fusion that works super well, and vocals that ooze emotion when singing the all too familiar tune of a failed relationship that turned into an even harder breakup.

Discussing the track, Messy explains:

“‘Out For Blood’ is about a partnership that ended badly. The other person had a hard time letting it go and everything I said in the song is exactly what happened. They were pissed and had it out for me after that.”

Messy started writing and producing music as a means to explore intrinsically human experiences of love, pain, and nostalgia, with his lyrics painting a vivid picture of his internal struggle to balance his energy and identity as a father and musician.

“I wanna be the biggest artist in the world, plain and simple. My family has my back and we’re not stopping till we get there,”


Listen to 'Out For Blood' HERE Instagram: @itsmessymusic


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