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Michael Rice | Breaking Free

Following his success with Eurovision 2019 single 'Bigger Than Us', Hartlepool's Michael Rice has returned with heartfelt single 'Breaking Free'.


'Breaking Free' is a beautiful, melodic and uplifting pop track with an added gospel twist. The 22 year old artist has a pure, rich and smooth vocal that hooks you in from the first note, with the most incredible range. It's emotional and one of those that will give you goosebumps, just sublime.

The track is about breaking free form the mould of the expectations of society, written by Michael himself, with Roel Rats, Tjeerd Van Zanen and Marcia Sondeijker, produced by Roulsen.

"Sometimes it can be you against the world, but you gotta fight for what you believe in and you stand for, even if that means stepping into the unknown. Being that change, regardless of what people may say or think or even judge you for it. It’s all good to be scared, what you feel in your heart is the only truth."

Michael Rice has been developing his sound since the participation in the world's biggest songwriting show in 2019. 'Bigger Than Us' went on to chart in Sweden & Denmark and landed him his first UK Top 10 single.


Listen to 'Breaking Free' HERE Instagram: @itsmichaelrice_


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