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Irish quartet modernlove have jumped from strength to strength since their formation in 2016, after they reacted to the lack of opportunities for live music in their hometown by ultimately creating their own music scene. The band is made up of members Barry Lally (vocals/guitar), Graham Fagan (guitar), Daniel Rooney (bass) and Cian McCluskey (drums).

The four-piece initially became renowned for selling out gigs in local pubs in their area and encouraging other local bands to become immersed in the music scene. When they started writing music, they band found that song-writing became a release, allowing them to purge their darker emotions and experiences into something much more positive. Their music is now showcased on a much grander scale, including recent radio support from Radio 1. The most exciting thing about their recent releases is that the band are only just getting started and have so much to show the world, with a host of live performances also scheduled throughout the year.

Here at The Lowdown, we had the chance to speak with Barry from modernlove about the band's new single, their plans for 2023 and much more. Keep reading to check out what the band had to say!

You have recently released your new single, titled 'Only Ever Only You.' What has it been like for you guys to have new music released?

"It's always exciting for us to have our fans hear a new iteration of who we are as musicians and people. The band for us is a medium for communication between us and the rest of the world and a new song being released continues that dialogue."

The release of your new single follows on from your previous single, 'Ruin Your Night.' How long did that single take to come together, right from the initial writing stages?

"Some parts of the music in 'Ruin Your Night' were taken from a couple of different demos from years ago. We write pretty constantly and so a kind of bank or archive of musical ideas has formed that we can always pick from when working on a new song. In a way, the song was written in a week, the lyrical idea and structure, but those guitar and bass hooks were written years ago!"

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind 'Ruin Your Night'?

"It is really about a relationship breaking down and the point where every night out seems to end up in tears. No matter your intentions, the arguments have become inevitable, which really sucks when you're still in love and want to fix things, but it's just not happening."

As a band, you have gone from strength to strength since your formation back in 2016. Is there a stand-out moment for you all when you think back over the past number of years?

"There's so many really - from signing our first record deal, to releasing each EP, to playing our first ever UK tour, which we managed to sell out. Most recently, it's been announcing our first US tour. Being in the States is kind of the dream for any touring musicians."

Who would you say are your musical influences collectively?

"We all listen to different kinds of music, ranging from Prince to James Blake to Joni Mitchell, but where we all meet in the middle has always been indie bands like Bloc Party, Bombay Bicycle Club and 80's new wave stuff, like The Cure and New Order."

You also headed out on the road last year and have some dates planned later this year. What was it like for you to get out on the road and perform your own music to legions of fans?

"Being a touring band has always been the dream for us since we started playing covers in our friend's shed, and so to finally do it and to be selling our shows in places we'd never even been, has been amazing! To really see first hand people connecting to our music and knowing that it's part of the soundtrack to their lives is all we could have asked for."

For anyone who hasn't been to one of your shows before, what would you say it is like?

"We try and make our shows an extension of our musical repertoire and the identity of the band. Our songs are usually written about nights out where things have happened that made us who we are or when things have gotten kinda messy! Our shows are supposed to feel like one of those nights."

Do you feel that you all have a similar creative vision musically, or do you find that you all contribute a different sound that is a part of the band's overall sound?

"We all started from different points musically when the band was formed and those different influences informed what the band was at the time of its inception, but the more we've written together, the more a clear and coherent idea of the band has formed, which is what you hear now when you listen to our EP's."

Thinking ahead to this year, aside from your live dates, will there be even more music releases, or is an EP/album in the works?

"There will most likely be two more EP's this year - one in March/April and one more towards the end of the year. The debut album has always been the end goal. We're reaching the point soon where that will become a reality. We're really excited for it!"

Finally, do you have a message for all those who support you?

"Just a huge thank you for listening and being part of this mad journey with us! So much love!"

modernlove's new single 'Only Ever Only You' is out now and is available to purchase and stream through all major music purchasing and streaming outlets.

By Rachel Dempster


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