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In true Molly Millington style, 'Foreign Accent' is honest, relatable storytelling wrapped in shimmering hooks for days.


You may be familiar with Molly, her whimsical nature and DIY attitude tied into her uniquely personal yet hard-hitting and relatable storytelling. It’s this attitude that has seen her turn a truck into her house, and has led to her designing and creating all of her own stage outfits. It is also this same nature that led her overseas, to the place where her forthcoming EP begins.

Molly’s upcoming record tracks through five stages of grieving and 'Foreign Accent' is the place where it all begins, fittingly launching this next chapter of Molly’s music.

On the track’s meaning, Molly says,

Foreign Accent is about doing things you usually wouldn’t purely because the way it’s presented is not what you’re used to. For example, saying yes to a marriage proposal because you’re in another country and everything seems more exciting and romantic but then remembering when you get home that you actually don’t believe in marriage and possibly might not even be into men.”

And from here, Molly’s journey through her five stages of grief begins.

Molly Millington is fast becoming a slow to discover pop revelation. Brought up without screens on a diet of rock and country, busking her way through her teen years with self-penned lonesome laments, she became a slave to the exposed song - then mixed in her love of modern idiosyncratic pop production.

'Foreign Accent' is out now.


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