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Having performed with Adele and impressing greats such as Elton John and Avicii with his talent for songwriting, Irish-born singer / songwriter Moncrieff has just signed to German label Energie Music and released his brand new single ’Warm’.


The first taste of his brand new EP, set for release in Spring, ‘Warm’ is Moncrieff’s ‘first ever love song’ and incredibly personal whilst equally catchy. He sings over the crisp, spellbinding, no-frills arrangement. A heartfelt promise coming from an extremely promising new talent, the track is pure sonic commitment “a song that does what it says on the tin,” when Moncrieff sings that he’ll “be there keeping you warm”.

Speaking of the single Moncrieff says,

”Nobody’s perfect. This song is about being that person, and that rare moment in life when you find that person that truly sees you for you, your imperfections, flaws and scars as well as your good traits and loves you for them. It’s a really comforting and happy feeling to just know that all you have to do is be yourself.

Moncrieff certainly didn’t rush things, honing his craft for years and working on his songwriting skill. Now he’s about to unleash a batch of songs that need ‘no bells and whistles’. As he puts it, ‘Warm’ is condensed, crisp, straightforward pop that’s poignant and personal. A simple, heart-felt tune that immediately pricks listeners’ ears, even makes you want to sing along towards the end. A song about acceptance and dealing with another person’s faults, it feels soothing and “warm” indeed – like a sonic safety net of sorts.

Not only just a love story but a story of youth and what is really important in life, the small things that we take for granted – rainy nights and sunny days, and learning to appreciate sharing moments in our lives together.

‘Warm’ is out now. Listen HERE


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