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Monmoi | Enemy

‘Enemy' is the transcendent new single from London-based Monmoi (George David) and his fifth release to date.


Sonically, Monmoi produces chilled-out electro vibes which are topped by his captivating vocals. The track is inspired by the ugly breaking down of a relationship through jealousy.

He says:

"The song revolves around a couple and a relationship close to breaking down with jealousy being the main cause. The narrator blames his girlfriend and her actions but doesn't realise that the true enemy is himself and his envious nature."

Born out of early morning recording sessions during the mundane experiences of lockdown: Monmoi is yet further prove that even though these dark times are lain with sorrow and loss, some gems of creativity are being spawned.


Listen to 'Enemy' HERE


Twitter: @ross_alister


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